This area is served by two airports, Cancun is the larger and has a better choice of flights than the other option which is Merida which is more covenant and smaller, however has fewer flights. If you fly into Merida international airport the chances are your flight will be from Houston and arrives about ten pm,we offer a pickup service for less than a taxi! or maybe you would like to hire a car and see more of the area, if so follow the directions below from Merida onwards to get to casa rosa. If you fly into Cancun international airport you have two options take, First you can catch the ADO bus from Cancun to Merida this takes about three and a half hours and if you are on the Platino bus this soon passes as the seats recline into a bed and with the free coffee and cold drinks this is a very pleasant way to travel! on your arrival in Merida we can pick you up for a small charge or you can take the autoprogreso bus from Merida to Progreso and then hop on the small collectivo bus to Chelem asking to get off at the gloretta (small round about) casa rosa is on the beach road directly behind the Six shop(beer shop) You may wish to hire a car direct from the airport and drive yourself, this is easy and safe! it will take about 4 hours and is 309 km on the 4 lane cuota 180 highway. But two things to remember, First fill up with gas there is only one gas station half way between Cancun and Merida and there are two toll booths and expect to pay $436 pesos each way. This is a good route to follow from the airport to Merida and from Merida just keep on the 180 following the signs to Progreso, about 3 km before Progreso you will see the exit for Chelem take this and follow the road for a further 5 km where you will come to a small gloretta and a police station on your right at the gloretta take the last exit sign posted chelem and about 100 meters on the right you will see a small sandy road take this road and follow it around to the right and up ahead on the left you will see a three story pink building that is casa rosa.

These two maps show the road leading to casa rosa.